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Northwest Asian Curisine

The Health - Conscious Choice!

Phở has been famous for its taste and at the same time, appreciated as wholesome, nutritious meal. It has all the qualities a health-conscious eater would look for: Fresh, Natural, and ...Always Delicious! To appreciate Phở requires more than just loving to eat it, one would need to "know" everything about its preparation.

A good bowl of Phở is one that meets three criteria: Aroma, Taste, and Look.

Aroma of Phở is unique and distinct from afar. It is a combination of all dried and fresh spices embodied in the cooked beef, and led to the nostril by the grilled ginger, onion and minced scallion.

Taste of Phở is even more special, deriving mainly from the broth. Good Pho broth carries the luscious taste by cooking at controlled temperature the right amount of salt, sugar, other spices and various choices of beef cuts.

Look at a fine bowl of Phở needs to bring out the wholesome and elaborate look an indication of the delicate and sanitary process of preparation, cook, and presentation.